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| Styrobar Styrovoid – Low Density Solid Fill Material

Styrovoid is designed to act as a compressible medium reducing potential forces on structures in the event soil expansion occurs after construction is completed. The intended applications include, grade beams, compressible fill, foundation walls and structurally designed slabs.

The very low density of Styrovoid compressible fill provides a method of reducing the forces on the structure itself. Styrovoid low density (LD), is distinguished from other LD materials on the market by its pure white color. Styrovoid LD compressible fill material is moisture-resistant and will continue to perform as designed in a moisture saturated environment without losing its carrying capacity.

Styrovoid LD void material is lightweight and can be produced in the custom dimensions required for your project. This material can also be adjusted on site with a fine saw. Styrovoid does not support insect or vermin growth, nor does it contain CFC’s or HCFC’s.

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