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STYROBAR® is an Expandable Polystyrene Insulation (EPS) manufactured by AMC Foam Technologies Inc. Our manufacturing facility is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The name STYROBAR® has been registered for our trademark name of block molded and shape molded products.

STYROBAR® is manufactured from expandable polystyrene resin (bead like granules) containing a blowing agent and flame-retardant produced by polymerization of styrene monomer with the additive of pentane. Steam heat expands the blowing agent to produce moisture resistant, multi-cellular particles (pre-expanded beads), which can increase up to 40 times their volume during the process.

After an intermediate period of aging, during which osmosis occurs, meaning the beads lose their moisture while the blowing agent condenses out of the bead as air diffuses into the bead. After the bead has stabilized they are thermally fused into blocks (block molding) or different three dimensional shapes (shape molding). Blocks are cured and then cut into sheets or shapes as required.

The special production process makes it possible to vary the apparent density of the STYROBAR® within a wide range. As the physical properties of the foam depend substantially on the apparent density, STYROBAR® can be produced with a variety of qualities suited to particular applications ranging from insulating boards to lightweight structural units. Densities can range from 10 grams per litre (0.6 pounds per cubic foot) to 48 grams per litre (3.0 pounds per cubic foot).

General Application

Styrobar® EPS, in whatever size and thickness required, can be used for roofing, walls, foundations, heavy construction and perimeter insulation with relative ease regardless of the structural system or exterior finish.

Industry Acceptance

Since 1951, EPS has been one of the most widely used thermal insulations in the world and is applied increasingly in architecturally designed energy-efficient buildings. Its low cost, versatility, and high R-value per dollar make EPS insulation the preferred product of architects, specifiers and application contractors across the country. It is recyclable, has no CFC’s or HCFC’S.

Construction today and in the future is, and will be, characterized substantially by the requirement for energy savings, noise insulation, environmental protection, LEED certification, etc.

Virtually all industrialized countries today have statutory minimum requirements for the structural thermal insulation of heated and air-conditioned buildings. Now, even in countries with moderate to tropical climates, a comparatively high level of construction thermal insulation is prescribed, as in the case in countries with relatively low winter temperatures. This is due to the fact that in these countries summer thermal insulation – namely the energy lost in the air-conditioning of a building on hot summer days is greater than that in the heating of buildings with cold out-side temperatures in winter.

Types and Sizes

Styrobar® 16, Styrobar® 22,  and Styrobar® 28, are available in all standard sizes starting at 1/2″ thick to 12″ thick, in 2’x4′, 2’x8′, or 4’x8′ sheets. Custom thickness up to 26″ are available on a special order basis. Styrobar® is available with either a butt edge or shiplap edge. It can also be ordered with recessed cut-outs on 16″ or 24″ centers for 1″x3″, 1″x4″, or 2″x4″ dimensional lumber. All products are poly wrapped for ease of handling.


STYROBAR® insulation is manufactured by AMC Foam Technologies Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is readily available for prompt delivery by the bundle or full truckload lot. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Ontario, and the upper mid-USA States are easily accessed from our Winnipeg manufacturing facility. Contact AMC Foam Technologies Inc. for a list of local distributors.

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