Styrobar® Plus

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Styrobar® Plus

STYROBAR is a high quality, closed cell, rigid foam insulation made from Expanded Poly Styrene EPS. STYROBAR PLUS is the same high quality rigid foam insulation with the added value of a heat laminated clear film which greatly enhances our products durability , performance, and value.

Sizes and Options

STYROBAR PLUS is available in more than just 4’x8’ sheets of up to 5” thick. STYROBAR PLUS can be ordered in sheet length of up to 16′ long in 1/4″ thickness increments. It’s also available in:

Fan Fold: Fan Fold Poly Pro is a continues sheet that is 4’ tall, 3/8” to 3” thick, and 50’ long. It is then “Fan Flolded” back and forth into 25 – 4’ by 2’ sheets making it a continuous 200 sqft piece.

Rolled: Rolled Poly Pro is a 4’ wide roll of laminated insulation that is available in 3/8” to 5/8” thicknesses and 70′ – 75’ long (depending on thickness) making each roll a continuous 280 – 300 sqft piece.


Styrobar Plus insulation is manufactured by AMC Foam Technologies Inc. in Headingley, Manitoba. It is readily available for prompt delivery by the bundle or full truckload lot. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Ontario, and the upper mid-USA States are easily accessed from our Winnipeg manufacturing facility. Contact AMC Foam Technologies Inc. for a list of local distributors.

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