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Neopor® – Innovation in Insulation

Neopor EPS foam is an innovative product from BASF® that offers a higher insulating capacity while useing less material. It is composed of small black beads of polystyrene (EPS). These black beads get expanded then formed into shapes or blocks. the formed products are a silver-grey in color and provide up to 20% better insulation performance than conventional EPS.

Up to 20% better performance with the same board thickness

The vital difference can be seen with the naked eye in the silver-grey color. In Neopor, graphite is added to the material, absorbing and reflecting heat radiation and improving the insulating performance of EPS by up to 20%.

Building with Neopor

Neopor can be used for virtually any application where you would use Styrobar whether it’s roof, ceiling, or wall insulation. For new construction or the renovation of an existing building Neopor offers ideal insulation solutions for almost all components.

The Neopor Advantage

Builders and planners can make use of the Neopor advantage. Using Neopor insulating boards, they can achieve a much higher insulating performance with even lower energy consumption. Construction that calls for a restriction on the thickness of the insulating materials can easily use thinner insulating boards with the same insulation performance. With better insulation, we can keep energy costs and consumption from going through the roof (as well as the walls, floors, and basement). Neopor is the new standard for insulating efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

AMC and Neopor

AMC offers Neopor insulation in a full variety of shapes and sizes including the new LOGIX Platinum series of insulated concrete forms. For more information and pricing please contact us.

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