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Styrobar® HS-40 High Strength EPS Insulation

Styrobar® HS-40 is an especially rugged, high compressive strength insulation board manufactured from high density expanded polystyrene. It is totally CFC and HCFC free. HS-40 provides excellent thermal insulation effectiveness for many demanding uses and contributes to several LEED credits.

Styrobar® HS-40 was developed for geotechnical and other below-grade applications where physical strength and high thermal values are needed, thereby making it an excellent choice for all other applications where high strength helps to ensure positive installed performance. Styrobar® HS-40 is at least 33% stronger than “standard” sheathing materials, a good choice when requiring high load compressive strength. AMC’s unique production facility produces HS-40 in virtually any thickness and in a wide selection of standard and custom panel sizes, making this product the most construction-friendly and economical of all sheet insulation products available.

Typical Applications for Styrobar® HS-40

  • Perimeter and subgrade installations
  • Under-Slab insulation
  • Masonry and cavity wall construction
  • Roof insulation, including tapered modules for slope-to-drain
  • External insulation finish systems for hard coat equivalence
  • Frost protected shallow foundation systems
  • Ice arenas and snow melt systems
  • Floatation billets
  • Highway and railroad bed construction
  • Airport runways, taxiways and aprons
  • Large earth structures, ramps, berms and other H.D. geofoam applications
  • Isolating bearing pads under heavy process equipment and industrial traffic

Permanent Insulation

Styrobar® HS-40 is ‘permanent’ insulation; it does not off-gas insulating blowing agents or loose insulation value over time. It is therefore an excellent choice where “long Term” insulation effectiveness is needed, such as in permafrost applications, preventing thawing under structures that require a continuously frozen subgrade for support. Because of its high density and tightly closed cell structure, Styrobar® HS-40 can be used for buoyancy in both fresh and sea water.

Cold Climate Performance

Certain soil formations may be extremely susceptible to heaving when frozen. Ice lensing can occur during the freezing process, a result of water migration from unfrozen, moisture laden soil zones to the freezing boundary, sometimes causing many centimeters of ground swell. When considering the construction of roads, buildings and other structures, installing a high load capacity insulation to prevent freezing of underlying soils can be the most practical strategy for preventing subgrade expansion. HS-40 has increased insulating effectiveness at lower temperatures, making it an ideal choice for cold climate applications.

Styrobar® HS-40, Our Health, Energy and Environment

  • The selection of an insulation product should not be based on the evaluation of any single criteria, but rather, a total score of performance characteristics, energy efficiency and environmental impacts. Styrobar® HS-40 is recommended as “Best Overall”, supported by the following.
  • Styrobar® HS-40 does not contain CFC or HCFC gases, does not contribute to ozone depletion and supports early compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer
  • Styrobar® HS-40 contains recycled content, reducing new virgin material requirements
  • Styrobar® HS-40 is manufactured centrally (Winnipeg), saving transport cost
  • Styrobar® HS-40 is produced in any thickness, length, and width, reducing waste and landfill need
  • Styrobar® HS-40 is 40 psi, 33% stronger than Type 4, providing better physical performance in most applications
  • Styrobar® HS-40 meets ASTM C-578 Type 14, but less expensive than Type 4, for significant savings
  • Styrobar® HS-40 is non-toxic, will not irritate skin on exposure and contains no nutrients for pests or mold

Sheet Sizes and Custom Profiles

Available in 610x2440mm (2’x8′) & 1220x2440mm (4’x8′) panels. HS-40 is also produced in virtually any width, length, and thickness up to 610mm (24″). Drainage features, batten slots, and other custom profiles can be quickly and efficiently added in AMC’s unique manufacturing processes. For more information and pricing please contact us.

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