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Custom Cutting

Custom Cutting

AMC Foam Technologies is your best source for custom cut EPS foam. We've been cutting unique and standard shapes for more than 15 years and our experience shows. With our dedication to customer service and quality we are the number one choice when it comes to custom cut EPS.

With our advanced CAD computer systems and top of the line CNC cutting equipment we can design, create, and produce almost any imaginable two dimensional shape in EPS foam. From small simple shapes to large complex shapes consider AMC first when designing your project.

Whether the finished product is being used as an insulation material, architectural component with EIFS, or packaging material the applications for custom cut EPS foam are almost limitless. The following list is just a few items that we can produce with our custom cutting service.

  • Building components (EIFS)
  • Architectural components
  • Insulation panels
  • Sloped and standard roof insulation
  • Packaging and fragile item protection
  • Pipe insulation and coverings
  • Slab insulation and frost cushion
  • Monument signs, letters, and numbers

With our state of the art equipment and industry experts operating  them, we produce a quality finished product that exceeds the specs that our customers deserve and demand. Our goal is to always deliver a quality product that exceeds our customer's expectations and time table. This is one more way that AMC Foam Technologies is helping you to build a better way. Contact us with your custom design specs and we’ll provide you with a quote.